Hey It's Nev

Hey It's Nev


Ikea Hack

Turn your old or unpainted dresser into new with just some color and new knobs! i did this with my sons dresser as well and he loves it. Dressers lately have been a little over price but you can recreate a look alike using Ikea's TRAVA 3 Drawer Chest 
I got the knobs from Hobby Lobby and the Paint from Home Depot. I picked gold for the knobs and a powderish pink for the dresser because the colors look fabulous together!

For my sons dresser which was the TRAVA 6 Drawer Chest, we kept the original legs and just painted them. But for my daughter i wanted a more mid-century feel. i got these plates from Home Depot that made it easy to attach the new legs and also made the legs slanted. we cut some of the original leg and added these legs instead. 
Hope you guys love this DIY. Until next time!



Its All About Overalls

 Overalls - Etsy
Stripe Shirt - GapKids

they're back and better than ever. I mean, i want a pair for myself. throw on a stripe shirt and even a scarf and you can make those overalls look super chic!


Sunday's With Us

First I would like to welcome everyone to my very first blog! On the weekends(typically Sunday's) me and my family we like to go out and see what's going on in Nashville! 

We started off with some Donuts.(because who says no to donuts,right?)
Than we went to the Farmers Market to pick out some pumpkins. That way we can decorate the home and make it feel more like Autumn.